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This is possible through 35 LED lights installed in each security camera. It has got cmos sensors, which will make sure that your cameras are monitoring each detail successfully and you are not missing out anything. These security cameras are also one of the best outdoor surveillance system as they have got one of the finest coverings for weather resistance. The DVR systems can record without any interruption. The resolution of these cameras is p which makes them super reliable. You will not miss a single detail if you are using these cameras for outdoor surveillance.

The night vision feature will be monitoring up to ft, which will be more than enough for an outdoor surveillance security camera. It has pre-installed with 1TB storage.

8888 Port Dvr App

You will automatically receive email notifications on motion detection. Each camera has got 25PCS led lights which enable each camera to monitor up to 85 ft. This package has got all the all the necessary stuff. The tools and screws are already in the package. The delivery system is very fast. Here you order your camera and within two or three working days you will receive your package.

H 264 CCTV DVR (Digital Network Recorder) Live Remote View Mobile Application

The p resolution is exceptional with 2 MP security cameras. You will not be disappointed with the picture quality. It can view up to 66 ft. The night vision with this much capacity makes it one of the most perfect security cameras for night time surveillance. This set of security camera is for both outdoor and indoor purposes. It has got all the special features which will make it a very efficient surveillance system. Its high definition lenses and image resolution will create clear and comprehensible videos.

It works quite well even during harsh weather conditions. The video quality is p with a wide angle of degrees thus there will be minimum chance of missing any details of the observed areas.

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It has got video compression technology for storing as much videos as possible. There are three modes of recording. You can have a complete access on your security cameras through the mobile applications. Because installing a DVR security camera means handling some wires with great care and is not like installing a regular security camera.

In this section I would summarize the steps for installing a DVR security camera. The initial steps are of course about deciding the most suitable area.

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If you are not satisfied with the performance of your security camera then it might be your own fault. If you have not bought any yet you can have a look at the advantages and advantages of DVR security camera. If you are buying for outdoor surveillance then courtyards, poles, balcony and roofs are the best option.

Also, if it is supposed for indoor surveillance then walk through, back doors and entrances are most suitable options. Mark the spot with a pencil first.

DVR video system integration assistance

In case you are mounting your security camera on a pole then only connectors and screws. That would be in the package. Now connect the camera with a power source. In the case of wired DVR systems, it will be the conventional way, electricity. Make sure that you are connecting it correctly. Many times, wrong connections can lead to a fiasco. Scan the QR code of your camera. Now open the provided link. You might need to make sure about the encryption. Change the settings accordingly.

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Enter the details of your camera. Many companies now a days are with this advance feature of operating remotely. Download the application through play store enter the account detail. Once you have made the account through your PC. You do not need to create another account. You would be using it with the same identity. Here are the additional 4 tips that you need to consider and be careful of while you are installing this spy cam system and DVR. Luckily these are the 9 best outdoor security camera system with DVR that we have got for you.

As we have found it be the best performing among all of the above listed cameras. It works really well and it is a long lasting system that you can trust. However, the other products we have mentioned are also the top picked products which worth your investment. Finally, we hope that you guys will have a clear idea about the DVR Security System from this article. Hello, I am a Home Security expert from more than 10 years and I am mostly focused and dealing with the Security Cameras.

I just want to share all of my experience and decisions with the People who are searching for their best security sols. There could be so many reasons to avail a Security spy camera system with the DVR. Sale 85 Users' Reviews. Comparison table of the top 9 Security camera systems with DVR. Are you in a hurry? Best By Choice.

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Deter crime. Obviously, this is the biggest benefit of using a surveillance system in your circumstances.

THE EDGE 16ch H CCTV DVR Smart Phone Ready HDMI 1T HD

So, they will behave cautiously by being away from doing mischievous activities. Motion detection Features. Maintain records. This means you can get to know of something that happened outside your home or office. Easy to Install. No configuration is needed if once the camera is mounted, powered and connected to the DVR. Signal Stability.